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Reading this over on Techdirt - there is a lot of valid analysis here.

BUT - we both need Section 230, AND we need a way for tech companies to be held accountable when the tools they build create or perpetuate harms.

If a company fails to take bad faith actors into account with their design choices, they should be held responsible.

When you are the only one in the office and you have to stand up and dance every 30 minutes so the lights don't shut off.

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platform engineering implements devops infrastructure when your organization is big enough to get economy of scale. it can't really be outsourced if your software engineering capabilities differentiate your product. that's why the cloud apis have coalesced where they are. the last mile specialization and glue to your business is a bespoke product, tailored to make your business as efficient as possible within its unique constraints

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If you didn't already know, the Internet Archive has been hiring artists to perform pre-meeting mini-concerts twice a week since the pandemic started. We now have over 200 archived on our site for you to enjoy too:

I have been told it is a pickle lift. I am now a big fan of pickle lifts.

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I am really impressed with the technology these little pickles are equipped with.

I learn so much about the diversity of owls on Super Bowl Sunday. I had no idea there were so many different kinds.

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On behalf of the Association of Internet Researchers #AoIR, we join the Coalition for Independent Technology Research's call for #Twitter to *not close* their free API access for vital public-interest research & ask policymakers to enshrine this form of access to all big platforms.

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