I really hate when people limit pagination on blogs. On the Twitter blog I can only paginate back to 2015, then it stops.

This will be the only thing you ever see me cross post from that other site. Only because it has broken my heart. This was the most important API out there. I love and hated it.

I have had many amazing tacos and rarely get surprised by new ones, but Tacos Oscar blew my mind and is up there with the best I’ve ever had. tacososcar.com/

I have had this on replay on a side monitor all morning. These are the drones we just sold a bunch of to the Ukraine. I am left thinking about my work on Drone Recovery and the imbalance in our priorities in this country. ;-( dronerecovery.org/journal/a-dr

Relevant regulatory movement I am keeping a close eye on in 2023. The Digital Services Oversight and Safety Act (DSOSA) and Platform Accountability and Transparency Act in the US. The Gonzalez v. Google and its potential impact on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act in the US. And in the EU, both of the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act.

I managed to accumulate 1K followers in just shy of 60 days on Mastodon. My ego does tune into these things, but mostly it reveals to me of the viability of the network. I've not just found my people, but I am expanding & finding new people--It is taking work, but worth it.

Reading up on John R. Brinkley's role in the establish of not just radio, but advertising for the border blaster stations he ran. Reminds me of conservative circles I know today. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_R._

My dog Poppy performs the quickest and most precise lobotomies. She detected and extracted the pig noise mechanism through that small hole in seconds, without damaging the rest of the hedgehog—allowing him to go on to lead a normal life.

Historically my texture transfer ML models are pretty dark themes applied to seemingly positive photos. My latest wave are positive ML models applied to more troubling photos. Different set of contrasts.

I have been playing around applying text transfers from this Oakland poster to actual photos of Oakland I take.

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