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Writing everyday grounds you.
Writing everyday centers you.
Writing each day is not about readers.
Forward motion depends on writing.

I managed to accumulate 1K followers in just shy of 60 days on Mastodon. My ego does tune into these things, but mostly it reveals to me of the viability of the network. I've not just found my people, but I am expanding & finding new people--It is taking work, but worth it.

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I still have the original Twitter API Field Guide style documentation from back in the day. I collect old APIs. I am that guy you drive by their house on highway in the desert and they have a bunch of old APIs in their yard. twitter-field-guide.apievangel

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Getty Images is also suing Stable Diffusion, in UK court.

"Stability AI did not seek any such license from Getty Images and instead, we believe, chose to ignore viable licensing options and long‑standing legal protections in pursuit of their stand‑alone commercial interests."

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Microsoft makes Azure OpenAI Service, debuted in 2021, broadly available, giving customers access to the GPT-3.5 language model, DALL-E 2, and "soon" ChatGPT (Dina Bass/Bloomberg)

Reading up on John R. Brinkley's role in the establish of not just radio, but advertising for the border blaster stations he ran. Reminds me of conservative circles I know today.

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The DOJ warned a provider of tenant-screening software, SafeRent, that its technology must comply with #FairHousing law

#PropTech #AI #Bias #Discrimination #Inclusion #Regulation #mst

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Hawaii Beach Safety API - Providing #alerts, #ratings, and #conditions for #Kauai, #Oahu, and# Maui, helping communicate what is happening across #Hawaiian #beaches.

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Air Quality System (AQS) API - AQS contains ambient #air sample #data collected by #state, #local, #tribal, and #federal air #pollution control agencies from thousands of monitors around the nation. It also contains #meteorological data, descriptive information about each #monitoring station, and information about the quality of the samples. -

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David Graeber’s Possible Worlds The Dawn of Everything author left behind countless fans and a belief society could still change for the better.

This is deep and profound...have to think about me an idea for a startup >> Hackers Hijack NortonLifeLock Customer Accounts -

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